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The HAIZEA Association:

  • Provides modern music amplified individually, in groups, and musical training.

The instruments taught are: acoustiqueélectrique guitar, electric bass, bass, drums, piano, saxophone, percussion, violin, singing, choir.

The curriculum includes musical training.

The year-end courses are devoted to the practice group for the year-end show.

The association works on the school calendar.

  • has become one of the antennas of the inter school Musikas since September 2014.

Grouped within the Musikas association, several antennas with various aesthetic offer music education to the Community on the Errobi territory.

Young and old, beginners or experts can learn to play an instrument, attend classes or musical awakening musical training, participate in workshops of collective practice ... with a qualified and experienced teaching team.

Traditional music, contemporary music, children's choir, harmony ... each of the antennas carries its own aesthetic. They also work together to mix their worlds, resulting in collaborations for concerts or creations of sets.

Sharing experiences and exchange is a key driver for the creation and are at the heart of the proposed Musikas. Each teacher teaches with a personal touch and a common educational project allows the rich and structured input.

Different antennas are located on the territory.